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Organic Oat Drink Biopont 1 liter

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Due to its rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acid and fiber, oat is more than nutriment. It helps to revise the sugar-level and in long-term it diminishes the cholesterol-level.

It is suggested to drink cold for tonic, warm for morning drink, or added to coffee, tea or shakes. You can use it with cereals, grainmush, or making desserts, soups, or sauces.

water, oat*(11%), cold press sunflower oil*, seasalt

* Organically grown ingredient

Energy: kJ/kcal /100g: 184/44;
Protein: g/100g: 0,8;
Fat: g/100g: 1,4;
Carbohydtrate: g/100g: 7;
Fibre: g/100g: 0,5;

Product of EU

  • Shipping Weight: 1000g
  • Manufactured by: Biopont

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