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Our Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients and our food is 100% vegetarian.

We attempt to source certified organic ingredients whenever possible, otherwise we use the best alternative wholefoods.

We use organic vegetables and cereals from Németh István organic farm in Rábcakapi.

For sweetening we use dry fruits, organic honey, organic cane sugar and grape sugar. Jams are organic and sugar free.

Tofu: Tofu Company is guarnteed to not use genetically modified soya

Seitan: own produced

The salad dressings and sauces are made from organic soya-joghurt

Own produced sprouts from organic seeds.

Green salads and fresh herbs provided by Ehető, Különleges Növények Teame - Pillár József and Biokert2009 - Molnár Csaba.

Rédei and NaturGold Organic spelt using dry pasta.

Bio-Berta mustard and Himalaya crystal salt to taste.

All dishes made using reverse osmosis filtered water.

The vegetables are very gently steamed.

We recommend: fried seitan coated in organic breadcrumbs, organic fresh almond milk, NAP-KEX, raw dessert.